Connect Dynamics NAV and Microsoft PowerApps


in this blog post I will write how to create connection between Dynamics NAV 2018 and Microsoft PowerApps.

This connection will then be used in next few blog post to see how this integration works, but let’s start with connection.

First what you will need is one Dynamics NAV NST with NavUserPassword credential type and configured Odata Base URL like on picture bellow.


Now login to and then you will be transferred to page like on picture bellow.


Now the next step is to click on gear in upper right corner and then on Connections.

When the new web page is open click on New connection,


And in new web page filter Dynamics and choose Dynamics NAV.


Now leave this new window opened and return back to NAV and go to Departments -> Administration -> IT Administration -> General -> Users and create new user in NAV. Give that user a  username, super permission, and then click on change web service key.

In the Web Service Access fast tab you should have Web Service Access Key, copy it to notepad.

Now return back to Microsoft PowerApps and fill the window with information like bellow.

  1. OData Feed URL – url that is provided in NST under OData base url (first picture)
  2. Username – user which we previously created in NAV (6th picture).
  3. Password –  Web Service Access Key (7th picture)
  4. Company – name of the company in NAV -> You can find it under the NAV Button -> Select Company.


Finally click on OK, and if everything is okay you should see new Connection Dynamics NAV under connections.

Now we are ready to use that connection so I am happy to write my next blog posts about this beautiful and powerfull integration with Flow and PowerApps.



Renato 🙂



2 thoughts on “Connect Dynamics NAV and Microsoft PowerApps

  1. Wilbert

    Hi Renato,

    Great post.

    I try to get it to work with credentialtype windows instead of NavUserPassword. Do you know if that works? When i create the connection I get the the error: Incorrect username or password. Type the correct username and password for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and try again.

    If i copy the url in chrome and use my windows credentials it works fine.

    1. renato Post author

      Hi Willbert,
      thanks on the comment.
      Currently, integration between Dynamics NAV and PowerApps works only with NavUserPassword authentification because it uses Dynamics NAV connector which works with NavUserPassword.

      Best regards,

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