How to use disabled Dynamics NAV triggers in Microsoft Flow


last few months Microsoft disabled triggers when the record is created/modified in Dynamics NAV.

However, if you have already created flow with that triggers your flow will not stop to work, but if you want to create a new one you are not able to do that.

In this blog post, I will demonstrate how to modify your existing flow and enable trigger (when record is created) on another data source even when Microsoft block this 2 triggers.

First you need to export to *.zip your existing flow which has “When a record is created” trigger.


When you download *.zip file, extract it to folder and go to definition.json file under Folder\Microsoft.Flow\flows\<ID> and find definition.json and open it with notepad.

Now inside definition.json find encodeURIComponent tag and inside the ‘ ‘ put web sources name from NAV for which you have the connection (for example I have connection to NAV and I want to have flow which will notify me when new item is created).

Optionally you can also change the name under the displayName but it is available to change later when you import this flow. Now just save this json file and zip complete folder to have structure of .zip file like following.

  • NewItem = name of the zip, which has Microsoft.Flow folder and manifest.json file
  •\Microsoft.Flow\flows has ID of flow folder and another manifest.json file
  •\Microsoft.Flow\flows\3f046c70-dbac-4efc-84a0-4dce637e45f6 has 3 json files (apisMap, connectionsMap, definition)

Now when you have .zip file go to flow and import that zip.

Click on Import and then on Upload and choose zip file

After upload new screen will open


Click on tool under number 1 and you can choose to update existing flow or to create a new one.

I will create new, enter new resource name (NewItem) and click on Save.

If you have errors like me under “Related resources” you can also change to connect to another custom API but if you only modify data source then you will only need to review import option, and the last step click on Import and the new flow with “When a record is created” trigger for new data source is imported.


I hope this will help you to resolve problems with missing triggers for Dynamics NAV in Flow.




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