Integrate Business Central On-Prem with Flow


in this blog post I will write about new connector for Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Prem and how to use it to integrate Flow with Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Prem.

First thing which must be checked and it is mandatory to not get error that server is unavailable is to Enable API Services in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Administration.

To do that go to Dynamics 365 Business Central Administration and navigate to OData Services fast tab and after that Enable API Services. Be sure that you have speciefied also OData base URL as well as Port.

Next setup is in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Go to Search bar and look for Api Setup.

In the API Setup window go to Process and click on Integrate APIs.

In the message, This action will populate the integration tables for all APIs and may take several minutes to complete. Do you want to continue? click Yes.

Now, navigate again to search bar and look for Users.

In the Users window click on Menage -> select user which you want to use for integration and click on -> Edit

In the User card window navigate to the Web Service Acess fast tab and copy Web Service Access Key.

Note: if you don’t see the Web Service Access Key then click on Authentication -> Change Web Service Key.

and in the new window set the expiration for Web Service Key or click that Key never expires.

Now when we have done setup in Business Central On prem we can go to and login with our Office 365 credentials.

After that navigate to gear icon and then on Connections.

In the new window click New Connection.

In next window in Search bar enter Business Central and connections with name Business Central will be filtered. Choose Business Central (on-premises) (preview).

On new pop-up window, we need to specify the following parameters:

  • Web service URL – link from the OData Base URL in Administration.
  • Username – user from Business Central
  • Password – web service access key.

and it should look like on the following picture


At the end click the Create button.

After a few moments, Business Central (on premises) connection will be created.

Now go to My flows -> New -> Create from blank.

In new page click on Create from blank.

In search bar for available connectors look for Business Central. It will show you 2 results, click Business Central (on-prem).

To check what is available in Business Central on-prem connector we can see that Business Central (on-prem) does not allow us to create Flow which has Triggers from Business Central, but we have a few Actions which can occur actions in Business Central.



  1. Gerrald 4 years ago

    Hi Renato,

    Thanks for your post, this is what i was looking for.
    Can you tell me the credential type what you are using in the general options of the Central Server?
    Default i use Windows Authentication but i cant connect from flow when i use this authentication type.

    Hope you can tell me,

    Kind Regard,


    • Author
      renato 4 years ago


      unfortunately integration between flow and business central does not work with windows auth. I recommend using navuserpassword.


  2. Nemo 4 years ago


    Great tutorial. But still I cannot connect my microsoft flow with my business central on premise. Everytime I try to create connection it says “Something went wrong”. Do I also need to check the Enable Odata Services checkbox on the administration? Or do I need to create a gateway for connection? I’m using demo database on my local. I’m not sure if I can connect my local business central with microsoft flow.

  3. Joef 4 years ago

    Hi Renato,

    I follow all the steps in your blog. But when I click the create button, I received error saying “Something went wrong. Please try again.”. I’m using local (demo) Business Central. I don’t know if this connection only works on app that is in cloud.

  4. Yan 2 years ago

    Anyone managed to solve the ‘Something went wrong. Please try again’ error? Still facing the same issue.


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