Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Hi folks,

from today (Monday) I will write blog about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. It will be some kind of “How to …” and “CRM for dummies” category. Posts about Microsoft Dynamics CRM will be published every Monday. Today we’re starting with user interface in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

This post will help you to better understand how to navigate in CRM 2011.

Picture 1

On upper picture we have following areas:

  • Ribbon – includes buttons and tabs that let you quickly access to system actions.
  • Get Started pane – display helpful information about how to work with Dynamics CRM.
  • View selector – allows you to select different view for data
  • Quick find – allows you to find specific records
  • Minimized chart  – when you click on it shows you graphical representation of data
  • Grid – display a list of records
  • Application areas – shows you application areas in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
  • Application navigation pane – provides access to the various types of Microsoft Dynamics CRM data (or entities)


When you click on some record in the grid you will get next picture (for example I click on Grand Store (sample))

Picture 2


Now when you are opened a record, you see additional parts of the user interface like:

  • Ribbon – that is actually very similar like the ribbon in the first picture
  • Header – record header which includes data about the record such name, primary contact, owner etc.
    • On the header you will see account record navigation button which allows you to quickly switch between records in defined view (third picture)


Picture 3

Picture 3

  • Body – displays the data related to the record
  • Entity navigation pane – shows different types of Microsoft Dynamics CRM records that are related to the open record.
  • Footer – shows status of record, but you can put in footer whatever you want.


That’s all for today. If you have any special requests about further topics feel free to send me a message or just leave a comment.



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