Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013


like post about CRM, every Thursday I will try to publish new post about how to something in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013.

So today I will show you user interface in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013.


Picture 1

Here on the first picture we have few elements.

  1. Ribbon – includes button that will help you to quickly do something. You can easily hide ribbon by double clicking left button at your mouse or tapping twice on touchpad.
  2. Header – includes few buttons like sorting button and filter box
  3. Fact box – gives you information about  selected record
  4. Grid – display a list of records
  5. Activity buttons – allows you to easily switching between menu
  6. Navigation pane list – shows you links to the specific page where you can open cards or documents

When you open specific record (picture 2) you will get similar interface like in Role Center (picture 1)

Picture 2

The ribbon have the same look, fact box are similar, but now we have the body of the record that contain few tabs about record. So for example here we have item record bicycle that have in body tabs like general, invoicing, warehouse, etc.

Also You can customize user interface on main screen (picture 3):

Picture 3

and the customization of the user interface for record (picture 4)

Picture 4

That’s all for today Smile



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