Working with lead record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011


Today I will show you lead record and show few actions that can be used when you create a new lead.




So for the begin click on sales->leads->new

After you click on the new on the ribbon you will get next window.

On the upper picture first what you will see is new window and by default the general tab. This tab allows you to type information about the lead like topic, first name, last name and other from the picture. (note – fields that are mark with red asterisk (*) are required fields, and fields with the blue plus (+) are the recommended fields.

Bellow the general tab you will se details, notes&activities, preferences tab. In the details you can type information about lead source (partner, seminar, word of mouth, web, etc.), rating (warm, hot, cold), industry in which is a lead, currency, annual revenue, no.of employees and other fields from the upper picture.

In the notes&activities tab you can add notes, and activities for the lead record. (note – activities can be assigned only when you save the lead record)

On the preferences tab you can see few more fields like contacts methods for lead, from which campaign we get this lead etc.

So now lets create one lead record.


Just like I said we must enter fields that are required (on the lead record it is topic, last name and company name) but for this case I typed and few other information like first name, salutation. When you typed all the information you know about your lead go to the ribbon and press save. Now you will see that are new actions available on the ribbon and also you can add other information about lead in related area by clicking on the link you want (activities, connections, etc.).

Now when your lead is saved let’s add new activities for him.

Click on activities in related area. You will see that new tab has appeared on the ribbon. You can choose to add new activity (note – if you choose this you will need first to create an activity) or you can choose add existing activity – for our case click on add existing activity.

The new windows will open, and here you can select one or more activity that you want assigned to the lead. I choose first activity and when the “check” appear on the left side of the activity click on add and the selected activity will show in selected records box. When you are done with choosing all activities just click on OK.

Now you will see activity in activities tab under related pane.

Also you can see selected activity on the information area in the notes & activities tab

In this post I will show you how you can easily qualify or disqualify lead. For example I will qualify my lead to the Opportunity that are related to potential customer.

On the ribbon go to actions –> qualify and the convert lead dialog window will open.  Select the opportunity, then click on the browse button and the look up record dialog page will open. You can choose in look for field do you want convert lead to the account or contact – I’m fine with the account. Select one of listed accounts and click OK on the look up record dialog page, and then click OK on the convert lead dialog page and your lead will be converted to the account.

If you decide to disqualify lead, the procedure is the same, except you must choose disqualify.

Here you can choose why you disqualifying your lead (lost, cannot contact, no longer interested, canceled)

When you qualify or disqualify your lead records they dont disappear – they just get status closed lead and you can access them if in the view pane choose that you want see all closed leads.

Next useful feature from the dozens of the useful and cool feature is assign action. With these feature you can easily assign lead record to other CRM user or team.

Go to the lead tab on the ribbon and click on assign, then choose assign to another user or team and then click on the browse button. The look up record dialog page will open and you can choose do you want assign to another user or team. When you select user, click OK and then click OK on the confirm assignment dialog page.


That is all for today from me.

Cheers! Smile


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