Create and activate profile in RoleTailored Client in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013


Today I will write this small post about how to create and activate user profiles in RoleTailored client.

First when you start your NAV 2013 you will see picture like this below:

and on the top of the window you can see Role Center – Sales Order Processor – Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Of course far left is the navigation, in the middle is active user profile description, and on the right we have name of the tool. So you can see that active user is Sales Order Processor and if we want to activate our user profiles first we must click on Departments

Then we must click on the Administration->Application Setup->RoleTailored Client and finally on Profiles.

And we get list of all created profiles. If we want to create new profile click at the ribbon on home tab in new section on New function and you will get next window:

Here we have form in which we can create new profile (Profile card). If we decide to create new profile which we will activate we must enter Profile ID and Role Center ID. So I entered CEO for profile ID, and click at arrow at drop-down menu at Role Center ID and get next window:

I choose 9019 CEO and President Role Center and then click OK and get next window:

On the upper picture we need to enter description (note – text in description will show on the top of RailTailored Client window) and how we want to activate this profile be sure that Default Role Center have checkmark in box. For the end click OK and restart Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013.

When NAV 2013 restarts you will see at the top of the window that CEO profile (based on CEO and President role center ID) is activated. Also now you have access to all pages that are specific to CEO profile.

Thank you for reading!



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