Working with marketing lists in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011


today I will show you how you can create and manage marketing lists. For these who don’t know marketing lists are groups of entities (accounts, contacts and leads) that can be used in marketing campaign. User can use marketing lists to group similar group of people for example all new leads and in a few clicks send them sales letters and on that way create new opportunities.

There are two types of marketing lists:

  • static – when you create marketing list and save it you can only manualy update member list.
  • dynamic – marketing lists member will be updated whenever the list is used (for example: if in query we specified that all new leads from Croatia goes to this marketing list, when we create new lead with Country attribute “Croatia” he will be automatically added to the marketing list)

In this blog post I will show you how you can easily create marketing list (static and dynamic), how to add members to the list, and how to remove member from the list.

First we must find marketing list entity and we can find it on Marketing tab (Picture 1)

Picture 1

Now when are we located to the Marketing Lists clicking on the New button on the ribbon menu we get the new window where we can set up new marketing list (Picture 2).


Picture 2

On Picture 2 you can see that we must enter information in the name, type and member type fields.  I will create marketing list for leads and choose static type (Picture 3). If you need the dynamic list feel free to choose dynamic for the type of the marketing list.


Picture 3

when you click on the Save button you can’t change any more type of marketing list and type of member, but we can assign list members, add marketing list to the campaign and manage workflows.

Now we want to add marketing list members (Picture 4).

Picture 4

When we click on the Manage Members button on the ribbon menu we get next window (Picture 5)

Picture 5

Here we have two options how we can add members to the marketing list. I will choose Use Lookup to add members and then press OK (Picture 6).

 Picture 6

And then I got new window Look Up Record.  We can see that Look for field is automatically set to the member type specified to the marketing list (lead). I select three leads and clicking on the add button I’ve add they to the Selected records box. For the end you click to the OK button (Picture 7).

Picture 7

And then we get list of our selected leads on the marketing list (Picture 8).

  Picture 8

Next way to add members to the marketing list is to use Advanced find option. To use this option go to the step from the picture 5 and select Use Advanced Find to add members and then click OK.

You will get new window like on the Picture 9.

 Picture 9

Now I will find all leads whose Rating is hot and then press button Find (Picture 10).

Picture 10

and I will get next window (Picture 11)

Picture 11

On picture 11 we can see the result of the query and pressing the Add to Marketing List button we can append all members to the marketing list. Also on the window from the picture 11 you can choose to add only selected member from the query result or to add all the members that are returned by search. After clicking on the Add to Marketing List button you will get next window (Picture 12).

Picture 12

You can see all members that are added by the lookup and advanced find option.

Also if you realise that you need to remove some members from the list just select members and click on Remove from Marketing List button (Picture 13).

Picture 13

If you have huge number of members in marketing list and you can’t easily find the member to delete you can use options Use Advanced find to remove members. This option work on the same way like Use Advanced Find to add members but with one exception – option  Use Advanced find to remove members remove members from your marketing list based on query that you type.

Last but not least option is Use Advanced Find to evaluate members. This option allows you to choose which members will stay on marketing list. If you click on Manage Members button on the ribbon menu, you can choose Use Advanced Find to evaluate members and based on query you can choose which member will stay on marketing list.


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