Setting up Number series in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013


today I will show you how you can easily create custom number series and how can use it in NAV 2013. 

First go to Departments in the navigation pane (Picture 1)


Picture 1

After that click on Administration – Application Setup – General – No.Series (Picture 2)


Picture 2

Then you’ll get list of all number series that are used in NAV. We wanna create new number series so we must click on New on the ribbon menu (Picture 3).


Picture 3

And you will get new blank row with a red asterisk in code field so in code field you must enter unique identifier for new number series. In description field you can type description of the number series. You can place check mark in 3 columns on the right side of the rows. First column is Default Nos. which means that this number series uses automatic numbering. Second column is Manual Nos. and allows you manual numbering. Last column (Date order) is referred to numbers which will be assigned chronologically (Picture 4).

CFsBn6bfeBr1Gtug[1]  Picture 4

You can see that our new number series doesn’t have any number related to it – so to add numbers to number series you must click on Lines button on ribbon menu, and then you will get new window (Picture 5)


Picture 5

On Picture 5 you can see few fields that I already filled.

  • Starting Date – date when numbers series can be used
  • Starting No. – first number in series
  • Ending No. – last number in series
  • Warning No. – value when NAV will warn you that your number series coming to end
  • Increment-By No. – how will be number increment. If you type 1 you will get series where numbers are increment by 1 (T001, T002, … ,T998, T999)
  • Open – you can’t change this field – it’s automatically unchecked when you reach the last number in series.
  • Last Date Used and Last No. Used are automatically updated when you use this number series.

When you fill all fields click on OK and then also click OK on edit – No. Series window and you will get your number series (Picture 6)


Picture 6

Now if we wanna use this number series for Items we must assign this number series to Items. To do this we must go to the Departments – Administration – Application Setup – Warehouse – Inventory.


Picture 7

and then on the Tasks group click on the Inventory Setup


Picture 8

and than you will get new window Inventory Setup. Because we need
change numbering we must expand Numbering tab.


Picture 9

we can see in first row Item Nos.: field, and have a value ITEM1.

Clicking on the ITEM1 we get drop down menu where we can choose our number series Test. (Picture 10)


Picture 10

When we are select our number series just click OK.

Except Item Nos. we could set our number series for other entities such as Transfer order, or etc.

To make sure that our number series is attached to the items we can go to the Items and just click on the New button on the ribbon menu. Clicking on the description our new item automatically get first value from the number series Test (T001) (Picture 11).


Picture 11

That’s all for today 🙂




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