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today I will show you how you can create marketing campaign, how to add activities, and marketing lists to the campaign.

First we need to repeat and remember what is campaign. Campaign is list of activities that are used to create and manage marketing efforts. Campaign can work with multiple marketing lists, multiple activities and can have multiple planning and management functions.

To create a new campaign you need to go to Marketing – Campaigns – New (Picture 1)

   Picture 1

You will see the new window where you can enter the general information about campaign. I type in the name field Product launch, and the other required field I leave the default value. Then press the Save button on the ribbon.

Picture 2

Except the General tab, on the campaign window we have few more information about campaign like Financials where we can see all financial information about campaign, Administration where we can see information about when and who create the campaign and Notes tab where we can write some notes for the campaign (Picture 3).

Picture 3

Now we can create and associate few activities to our campaign. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 we have two types of activities which we can associate to campaign:

  1. Planning activities – it’s a simply activities, and we can choose existing activities or we can create new one. They are common for every campaign. (Picture 4)
  2. Campaign activities – they are specific for the each campaign. (Picture 5)

Picture 4

Picture 5

Now I will create one Campaign Activities that are related only for this campaign.

Picture 6

I choose channel that is e-mail via mail merge, and enter the subject, and then click to Save. When the campaign activity is saved you can enter budget allocated for this activity and actual cost.

Every campaign activity must be assign to some marketing list. We can assign marketing list from the campaign window. We need to go to the Related – Marketing – Target Marketing Lists (Picture 7) 

Picture 7

then you will get next window (Picture 8). Here you choose which marketing list you will add to this campaign

Picture 8

and when you press OK you will get message like this (Picture 9)

Picture 9

just press OK. This message you will receive if you already start a Campaign activity. Now this marketing list is associate to the campaign activities, and if we open the campaign activity that we created before in Target marketing lists we can see our marketing list.

To track campaign responses in Microsoft Dynamics CRM we have this option in campaign window under the common menu. To create new campaign response we need to click on Campaign response – Add New Campaign Response (Picture 10)

Picture 10

and then you will get new window like on picture 11. Here we need to enter Subject. If we know from which customer we receive this response we can easily search customer from our accounts, contacts or leads, or if we receive this response from new “customer” we can enter information and save it with campaign response.

Picture 11

When the campaign response is saved we can convert this response to the new lead, an existing lead to the contact or account, create new record for customer/account or choose to close response (Picture 12)

Picture 12

That’s all for today. Next time I will show you how you can create Products and assign it on the campaign that we create today.


I forgot to show one thing. When we are entered the actual cost of campaign activity and we saved, it’s automatically appear on the Total Cost of Campaign Activities on FInancials tab on Campaign window –> Picture 13.

Picture 13

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