Working with Configuration Worksheet in NAV 2013R2

This days I was working on my master thesis which is about NAV and RapidStart Services, so I decided to introduce You RapidStart components.  First blog post in a series will be about configuration worksheet.

Configuration Worksheet is a main place in RapidStart where you can plan, track all work that is needed for migrating data and set up company. To create configuration worksheet you need to be in company that is already set up. In configuration worksheet you choose which tables you want for migrating and define structure of tables.

To access Configuration Worksheet you need to be in RapidStart Services Implementer user profile.

To create new configuration worksheet you need to click on New button on the top of the window (picture 1.)

Picture 1.

and then new Config. Worksheet window will open (picture 2.)

Picture 2.

Now you can choose on Line Type do you want to enter new Area, Group or Table. Area is used to group a set of tables that are in same functional area, while groups are using to match table that have common meaning (for example: tables with master data). If you choose line type = table then you can enter on which table you want in your configuration worksheet by entering Table ID or choosing from drop down menu (picture 3).

Picture 3 .

now when the table we want in our config. worksheet is added it has related table so to simplify adding related tables we can simply click on Actions and then on Get Related Tables under the Functions group (picture 4. red square). On blue square you can see Related Tables fact box where is list of all related tables to table 23 Vendor and how many fields are related.

Picture 4.

Now we will get all related tables in Config. Worksheet and we can add few groups by adding new lines (picture 5.) On the column No. of Records we can see how many records are in database from our main company.

Picture 5.

To see what are record in database for our tables you need to click on Database Data button on Show tab and then new window with list of records for selected table will open (picture 6.)

Picture 6.

you can also add tables to config. worksheet by click on button Get Tables … (picture 7.) and then you will get new window Get Config. Tables where you can filter tables on based which tables you want in you config. worksheet.

Picture 7.

  • Include with Data Only – if you want to include tables that contain data
  • Include Related Tables  – if you want to include all related tables to the table that is filtered in Object fast tab
  • Include Dimension Tables – if you want to include dimension tables that contain dimensions
  • Include Licensed Tables only – if you want to include tables that are in license.

There is a lot actions to do with configuration worksheet but they are disable because we didn’t assign configuration package to configuration worksheet what will be next blog post about using RapidStart Services in migrating data.

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