Working with Configuration Package in RapidStart Services

Last time I showed how to add tables to configuration worksheet. Now if we want to export or work with that tables we need to assign configuration package to the worksheet so in this blog post I will show how to assign configuration package, export configuration package and some other features.

First of all we need to create new configuration package. To do this you need to click on Package –> New like on first picture and the New – Config. Package Card window will open. You need to enter Code for configuration package code and if you want to you can enter package name or any other fields and after that click on OK.

Picture 1.

Now we need to assign package to our tables that are in worksheet. To do this go to Worksheet and then select tables which you want to import in package. For this demo I will select all tables that are in worksheet and click on Assign Package on Actions menu (Picture 2.)

Picture 2.

The Config.Packages window will open and you will find list of all created configuration packages (picture 3.). In this window you can create new package, edit existing, delete package, add tables to package, export/import package to/from excel, apply data to package, etc but to assign package we need to select Vendor package and click on OK (picture 3.)

Picture 3.

and after that you will find out that all tables in worksheet have assigned Vendor_package code (picture 4.)

Picture 4.

Now when you open VENDOR_PACKAGE config card you can see all the tables in configuration package (picture 5.)

Picture 5.

  • TableID – id of table in database
  • Table Name – name of table in database
  • Data Template – if we have configuration template for some groups of master data
  • No. of Package Records – number of records that are in package
  • No. of Fields Available – number of field in table
  • No. of Fields Included – number of fields from table that are included in configuration package
  • No. of Fields to Validate – number of fields from table that need to be validated
  • No. of Package Errors – number of errors in package
  • No. of Database Records –  number of records that are in database
  • Filter – if there is some filter on data
  • Page ID – id of page in database

On Tables fast box you can see Table action button which contain few actions:

  • Package Data – see all data that are in package for selected table
  • Database Data – see all data that are in database for selected table
  • Errors – if there is some error in package you can see where is error
  • Fields – you can see all fields from selected table and you can choose which one will be in package
  • Filters – you can add filters on fields to filter data.

also on Tables fast box you can see Functions action button which contain few actions:

  • Get Related Tables – get related tables for selected table and insert them into package
  • Validate Relations – validate relations between tables
  • Apply Data – apply data in new company for selected table

third from left on Tables fast box is Excel action which contain two actions:

  • Export to Excel – export database records for selected table to excel
  • Import from Excel – import records from excel to package.

also on Tables fast tab you have Find action where you can enter information and find table from package (picture 6), and you have Filter action where you can filter tables based on some value (picture 7).

Picture 6.

Picture 7.

Now when we have tables in package we can export package to .rapidstart file. To do this you need to go to Home and on tab Process click on button Export Package… (picture 8) Also you can click on Actions and then on Package tab click on Export Package … button and then save package with chosen name to your PC.

Picture 8.

That’s all for this blog post Smile. Next time I will show you how to manipulate data inside package and how to export package with data and prepare data for import to new company.


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