Managing data in Configuration Package

In my last blog post I showed basics of how to work with configuration package. Today in my blog post I will show you how to manage data before exporting configuration package to rapidstart file.

Last time I describe what which function and column means in configuration package. In vendor table we have 57 fields that can contain data which will be export in rapidstart file. To see which are those fields you need to go to Table –> Fields (picture 1.)

Picture 1

and the new window Edit – Config. Package Fields – Vendor will open (picture 2.)

Picture 2

here you can choose which field( s ) will export in configuration package. Also you can see which table is related to each field and (for example field City has relation on table 225 Post Code.) To exclude all fields except primary key you just need to click on Clear Included and all check mark will be removed. Now if you want to include just fields you need just click on box in Include Field column (picture 3.) And then click on OK.

I chose Name, City, Blocked, E-mail, No. Series and Location Code fields that I need from table Vendor.

Picture 3.

Now let’s assume that in new company we need only vendors that have Location Code empty in database so here we need to apply filter.

To do this again select vendor table in configuration package, go to table and click on Filter (picture 4.)

Picture 4.

and the new window Edit – Config. Package Filters will open (picture 5.)


Picture 5.

here you enter field ID on which you want to apply the filter or you can choose field from the drop down menu which will open (window: Fields Lookup) when you click on down arrow where you can choose field and click on OK(picture 6.)

Picture 6.

now we have our field in config. package filters window and we just need to enter filter. As I said I need just vendors which have location code empty so I will enter in Field Filter column ‘’ to select only records where location code is empty (picture 7.)

Picture 7.

Now to be sure that my package contains only vendors that have empty location code I will export vendor table from package to excel.  To do this see select vendor table in package and click on Excel action on function export to excel (picture 8.)

Picture 8.

NAV will ask you “1 tables have been selected. Do you want to continue” on this message just press Yes and save excel table to you PC (picture 9.)

Picture 9.

and when excel file opens you will find out our table schema based on fields we selected and that excel document contain only records which does not have location code filled (picture 10.)

Picture 10.

After we chose some fields and apply some filters we can find out some modifications in configuration package card  for tables on which we made changes. In my case it is vendor table so lets see.

Picture 11.

You can see that No. of Fields Included is now only 7 that is because I choose only 7 fields from table Vendor that will be included in package. The same story is with No. of Fields to Validate – it is 7 because all 7 fields have check mark in Validate field column in Configuration package Fields. The third modification is column Filter which now have value Yes and it is because we apply filter on table Vendor.


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