Working with Configuration Template in RapidStart Services

Configuration Templates are useful when we have records which can be grouped by some attribute. For example, all our domestic vendors has domestic posting group or currency code.  In this blog post I will create configuration template for vendors that are from USA and they will have new value for currency code = EUR, and they all will have block status set to all

To create new configuration template we need to click on Home->Templates->New like on picture 1.

Picture 1.

and new configuration template window will open. Fields which we must enter are Code and Table ID if we want to work with table fields. Optionally there is a Description field (picture 2).

Picture 2.

now when we filled header, we need to specify which fields will have default value (value which is same for our data). Based on my scenario I will choose fields Currency Code and Blocked (picture 3).


Picture 3.

as you see all my US vendors will have new currency code value and they all will be blocked for all types. Here you can choose also to skip relation check or to you can select if field is Mandatory (then this field must be entered for new records).

When we choose all our fields and their default values click on OK and we can find our configuration template in list of all templates (picture 4).

Picture 4.

Now we need to assign configuration template to our configuration package. To do this go to Packages and double click on Vendor package (picture 5).


Picture 5.

and package window will open with all our tables in previously created package. To assign template to package, we need to find our table for which we created template (table 23 Vendor) and in Data Template column click on drop down menu, after which Config. Template List window will open and click on our template and then click on OK (picture 6.)

Picture 6.

and VENDUSA template is added to table 23 in Vendor package.

Important thing is that if I want to apply this template only on my vendors from USA I must filter my package data before exporting package to contain only vendors from USA. If you want to filter records from table 23 you can find detail steps how to do that in my previous post or you can follow steps on picture 7.

Picture 7.

and now when we filtered data and if we don’t want to use Configuration Questionnaire we can export package by selecting Vendor package and clicking on Export Package on Home menu in Process group (picture 8).

Picture 8.

That’s all secrets with configuration templates. There is a lot of configuration templates already created in demo database like template for domestic customers (picture 9.) which has many default values.

Picture 9.

That’s all for today. Catch you next week with configuration questionnaires.

Bye Smile



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