Working with configuration questionnaires

In this blog post I will write about configuration questionnaires in RapidStart Services in NAV 2013 R2.  Configuration questionnaires are mainly used in defining setup tables that are in worksheet (for example table 312 Purchases & Payables Setup). Example of one question is: Which No.Series You use in defining Vendors?.

To create new configuration questionnaires click on  Home –> Questionnaires->New (picture 1)

Picture 1.

and the window new – config. questionnaire will open. I will populate fields Code with P&PSetup and in Description I will enter Purchase & Payables Setup (picture 2).


Picture 2.

now when I was defined configuration questionnaires I need to define fields/questions for my P&P Setup.

To do this I need to go to Question Areas –> and then new window Config.Question Areas will open where I need to click on New. After that new config.question area window will open where I need to enter Code, Description and Table ID for which I will create questions.

Picture 3.

when I entered this information to fields I need to get fields from table 312. To do this I will click on Update Questions button in Process group on Home menu (picture 4.) after which I will have fields from table 312 for which I can create questions (picture 5.)

Picture 4.

Picture 5.

Because I will configure only Vendor Number Series I need to delete all lines except line with question “Vendor Nos.?” Picture 6.

Picture 6.

Now I will change question field to look like question and I will populate Answer field.

To populate answer field I need to click on drop down menu button after which config.package data window will open where I can edit Vendor Nos. value. by clicking on Edit List button (picture 7.) Also we can see that this question will use in Vendor Package.

Picture 7.

I entered that answer on Vendor Nos. question is V (entered in Value field). and after that I will click on OK and again on OK, then close and then OK.  The good thing is that you can export this configuration questionnaires in excel and then consultants can go to customers and define answers directly from him. (picture 8)

Picture 8.

That is all for this blog post. Next time I will create company and apply package data and answers into new company.


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