Create company from RapidStart Package


in this blog post I will write about last step in migrating data – creating new company and applying configuration package, but first we need to export the package. To do this go to Configuration Packages select your package and click on Export Package… and after that click on Save and after that choose location on disk where you want to save package (picture 1).


Now I need to create new empty company. To do this go to Departments->Administration->IT Administration->General->Companies and here on ribbon click on New. (picture 2.)

the window New – Companies will open and here enter the name for new company and click on OK (picture 3.)

now we need to switch to our new company. To do this, click on NAV button and then on Choose Company and then in window choose our new company






When new company is initialized we need to import package with data to our new company.

To do this we can use RapidStart Services Wizard (picture 6.)

Picture 6.

and we need to fill form with data we know and click on Apply Package (picture 7)

Picture 7.

and when the package is processed we will receive message like on picture 8 and we can find our records from package in NAV.

Picture 8.

That’s all for this blog post, if you have any question feel free to contact me.

bye Smile


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