ToolTip property in NAV 2017

From NAV 2017 we have possibility to create small tooltips for customers where we can describe what certain field on the page, action, factbox field, activity button or ActionContainer means.

By that it is possible for partners to customize object to show tooltip when user hover with mouse on field (RoleTailored Client) or click on click on field and choose What’s this? action.

Every ToolTip must be defined through Development Environment on page (field, page part, page action) properties.

In this blog post I will show how to create simple ToolTip for “Statistics” action.

First step is to open page 22 “Customer List” in Development Environment in design mode and navigate to View->Page Actions (CTRL+ALT+F4) to show all available page actions on page 22.

When the Page – Action Designer is open we need to locate Statistics action and click on Properties (SHIFT+F4).

The Page Customer Statistics – Properties will open and, we need to find ToolTip and ToolTipML properties.

Now we can enter ToolTip description which will be shown when user hover over Statistics action.

On ToolTipML property we can define translations in multiple languages by clicking on AssistEdit button and then in Language choose desired language and in Value enter the translation.

When we are done with editing, we need to confirm translations on ToolTipML with OK and then save changes in designer.

Now when we open Customer list page in RTC and hover over Statistics action we will see our ToolTip.

When we open Customer list in web or tablet client we will see same ToolTip when we hover over Statistics action.

If we want to see ToolTip for field on list page on web or tablet client we need to click with right button on mouse and choose What’s this? action.

Unfortunately ToolTip for fields on list page in RTC client is not available.

For the end few facts about ToolTips:

  • they can be translated in various languages.
  • maximum allowed length is 1024 character.
  • they are visible on fact boxes, fields, page actions.
  • when you export page in txt file you will be able to edit ToolTip.
  • ToolTip on ActivityButtons and ActionContainer which is Subtype HomeItems is only available in Web/Tablet client.




  1. Peter 7 years ago

    Is there/will there be a simple method of bulk-inserting tooltips? If you upgrade from a previous version of a NAV add-on, then you will need to manually add all those tooltips, field by field, lanugage by language. Is there a method of adding them in an overview and then updating the pages en masse?

    • Author
      renato 7 years ago

      Dear Peter,

      you can also bulk import tool tips by exporting object to *.txt format and then edit tool tips in Notepad and after that just import that *.txt with object and tooltip back to NAV.

      Best regards,
      Renato Fajdiga.

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