Enable Image Analyzer in NAV 2018


in this blog post, I will show how to enable and install extension Image Analyzer in NAV 2018.

For this extension, you will need to create API for cognitive services. In Azure portal choose Cognitive Services and click on Create.

In next step enter appropriate name, choose Computer Vision API as API Type and choose pricing tier as well as resource group.


There are 2 available Pricing tier in Visual Studio Enterprise subscription.

When the process is over you will get your Azure cognitive services. Now go to the overview of service and remember the Endpoint.

Under the Resource management, you will find Keys and take copy of one of 2 available.

Now step into NAV 2018 and go to Extension management and install Image analyzer extension.

Next step is to configure Service connection for Image Analyzer. Go to Departments -> IT Administration -> Services -> Service connections and find Image analysis setup.

Duble click on it or click on Navigate tab and then Setup under General group. New window will open. 

Copy Endpoint from Cognitive Services API and at the end add /analyze in API URI. In API Key enter one of the key from Cognitive Services API. In limit type enter choose Month, and in Limit Value enter 5000 which is limit for our subscription F0.

This is how you setup the image analyzer, in my next blog I will show how to use it.





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