Working with Image Analyzer


in my last blog post, I described how to enable Image Analyzer.

Today we will see where we can use it and how to use it.

When you import picture on Item Card you will get Image Analyzer Attributes.

Also you can run manually each time image analyzer by clicking on Actions -> Analyze Picture. Same window will pop-up.

There are 4 possible actions:

  1. ignore – detected attribute name will be ignored
  2. Use as category – system will create new category or used existing from Item Category
  3. use as attribute – the system will open Item Attributes window and you will be able to choose one of item attribute, and value of attribute name will be attribute value.
  4. add to blacklist  – the system will blacklist attribute and it will not be shown in other analysis.


In the bottom of Image Analyzer Attributes you can change Item description with one of the detected Attribute Names. When you are done just confirm all actions with ok.

NAV will assign attributes, and category code as shown in the picture bellow.

Next, you can use Image Analyzer in defining the profile of each contact.

Important thing is that contact must be of type person, not a company. Also, contact must have a name before importing picture.

When you import picture on Contact Picture fact box it will automatically analyze the picture and put information about a picture in Profile Questionnaire.

Thank you for reading this post.

Next time we will continue with MS Flow.




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