How to create new web client site and bind it to another certificate


these days I had a very challenging problem that I need to create new Dynamics NAV Web Client instance to test another certificate but the old one must work 0/24.

So to share this experience I will write short blog post about it.

First step is to create new Site on server by clicking on Sites -> Add Web Site.

In next window specify parameters like on picture bellow.

  1. Site name which will be shown in Sites tree
  2. Path to NAVWebApplicationContainer
  3. Binding https or http
  4. If you choose https then select SSL Certificate which you want to use for web site.

Confrim modification with OK.

Next step is to create virtual directory for our web client

In new window specify parameters like on picture bellow.

  1. Name of your instance
  2. Path to folder for instance

Next step is to create reference (Symbolic link) between new web client folder and web client in program files. In CMD enter command:

New folder WebClient will be created under C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Renato4Web\

Now next step is to create folder with icons and other media (ExtractedResources).

Navigate to C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\100\Web Client\ and there you will find default folder. Make copy of them and name it like Alias name

Now grant permission to IIS_IUSRS to write on that folder

Now we need to link this new folder in IIS with our web client site.

In new windows set parameters for ExtractedResources like on picture bellow.

Now copy web.config from original web site to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Renato4Web and made modification if needed that this web client looks at another service instance, database, another credential type if needed.


And the last step is to convert web client to an application

After that you will be able to connect to https://localhost:port/Renato4Web/WebClient.

At the end one notification that first few times I was half-cocked and change ExtractedResource with ExtendedResource which has for result that I wasn’t able to see icons in NAV.

Also thanks for this blog post which opens my eyes and give me short guidelines how to create complete new web site.





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