How to create application in PowerApps from Dynamics NAV data


after we made connection between our Dynamics NAV and PowerApps we are ready to create some application in PowerApps based on our data from Dynamics NAV.

First what we need to do is to create Odata web services for pages from which we want to consume data. For this demo I will choose page Customers to create simple application to show customers from database.

To do that I’ll go to Departments -> Administration -> IT Administration -> Services -> Web services and click on New.


In new Window I will choose:

  • Object type = Page
  • Object ID = 22
  • Service Name = CustomersBlog
  • Published = True

NAV will automatically create Odata, OdataV4 and SOAP URL for further use. When I’m happy with my Odata I will click on Reload and then on OK.


Now I will go to my favourite web page: and login with same account from previous blog post. Under Data -> Connections I should see my connection from previous blog post.


Now I will click on Home and choose one from available options. Personally my favourite is “Start from data” because it will automatically create list, editable page and view page for my data.

When the popup shows click on Make this app and in the new screen click on right arrow.


You will see available connections. Click on Dynamics NAV connetions, then find table from picture 2 (CustomersBlog), and click on connect.

After few moments we will have ready our first PowerApps application with data from NAV.


By clicking on F5 or on Preview the app in upper right corner you will have simulated application how it will look at your smartphone.

Now you can add new customers, or edit existing customer because this is complete application to work with.

Click on + sign in upper right corner.

The new window will open and you need just to enter customer name and confirm the changes and new customer will be immediately available in NAV database.

Note: If you want to create or update customers you need to publish page 21 Customer Card because, customer list is just viewable form.

This is just really simple example how to use NAV and PoweApps.

In my next blog post I will demonstrate how to publish header and subform and connect it to have fully functional document application from which I can create new purchase order and enter lines on that order.






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