Create flow to create or update data in Dynamics NAV


in this blog post, I will show how you can create a flow which will create data (Items) in Dynamics NAV 2018.

To create the connection between Flow and Dynamics NAV 2018 I will use Microsoft Dynamics NAV connector which I show how to configure in this blog post.

So to start first I created one list in SharePoint.


Now I will go to Flow and create new flow from blank.

And from list of available connectors first I will choose SharePoint and select “When an Item is created”.

In next step, I will enter my SharePoint site address and from dropdown, I will choose my list.

When I choose my list I will click on “New Step” and find Dynamics NAV connector and choose “Create item” action. In table name I will choose my Web service for Item Card.

When it is available I will choose field from my SharePoint list (Items) and connect it with fields from Item Card.

  1. In Description on Item Card flow will enter Title from SharePoint list.
  2. In Description 2 on Item Card flow will enter combination from 2 fields (Description + Action Value) from SharePoint list.
  3. In External No. on Item Card flow will enter ItemNo from SharePoint list.

And the last step is to save our flow – I chose name CreateItems.

Now I will go to SharePoint list and create new Item.

After I click on Save flow will use data from SharePoint and push it to Dynamics NAV. The result I can see in my flow that it succeed with running.

If I take a look in Dynamics NAV 2018 I will see my item with data from SharePoint.


As you can see all fields are populated, as well as field which are validated automatically when enter information in original field (Description -> Search Description).

Have a great day.




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