How to setup workflow in Dynamics 365 Business Central


from this blog post on I will write about features with Business Central. Reason for that is that soon we will have Business Central W1 version and we need to slightly move focus from NAV to Business Central.

Also, all my blog posts are written to engage other users/partners and myself to take time and do some configuration and research on the specific topic.

The first collection of few blog posts will be about approval, workflow in Dynamics 365 Business Central and integration between Microsoft Flow and Dynamics 365 BC.

To setup approval, we need to configure some setup.

First setup which we need is Approval User Setup.

In new Approval User Setup screen, we will setup users which will be available for approval.

  • User ID – user from users list.
  • SalesPerson/Purch. Code – if we have specified salespeople and their ID we can connect salespeople ID with User ID.
  • Approver ID – User ID for users who approves requests from the user from User ID.
  • Sales/Purchase Amount approval limit – the maximum amount which user from User ID can approve.
  • Unlimited Sales/Purchase Approval – if this field is selected then a user can approve unlimited document amount.
  • Substitute – specifies the user who must approve document sent from User ID if Approver ID is not available to approve.
  • E-mail – E-mail of user id.
  • Approval Administrator – user who can delegate approval request or block/unblock certain approval requests.

Next setup is Notification Setup so select usert for which you want to setup notification and click on Notification Setup action in ribbon.

On the next screen I will configure how I want to receive notifications.

  • Notification Type
    • Approval – notify users in approval workflow.
    • Overdue – notify users in the overdue workflow.
    • New Record – notify users when a new record is created.
  • Notification Method
    • email – new e-mail will be sent to user in workflow
    • note – new note will be created for user in workflow
  • Schedule – you can schedule when job for sending notification will occur such as instantly, daily, weekly, monthly

  • Display Target – how would you display a link for approving.

Next setup will be “Workflow user group” so we will go to Search and find Workflow user group setup.

In Workflow User Groups window click on New and a new window will open.

Specify code and description for Workflow user group and then in Workflow User Group Members specify users who will approve regarding Sequence No.

Sequence No. field defines who will receive notification (e-mail or note) when some workflow is performed.

Also if we want to use E-mail notification we need to setup SMTP mail setup.

We use Office 365 settings so I will just click on Apply Office 365 Server Settings action in the ribbon, and enter my Office 365 credentials in User ID and Password.


This is all for setup which we need for workflows.

In next blog post, we will test our setup with few workflows.


Renato 🙂 .



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