How to use workflow in Dynamics 365 Business Central


in this blog post, I’ll write how to use one of the available workflows in Business Central.

First I’ll go and find Workflows.

After that, I have the option to create my new workflow from blank (which I will do in next blog post) or I can choose to create new workflow from template.

In the new window you can choose one from available templates for Workflows, I will choose Vendor approval workflow.

After that on next window Business Central will automatically create Workflow for vendor approval with the default setup.

  • WHEN EVENT – specify event which will trigger response
  • ON CONDITION -under which condition event will trigger response
  • THEN RESPONSE – define response which is triggered by When Event.

When a user “Send approval request” -> Then response

  1. Vendor gets restriction – so when the user wants to use that vendor on documents it will get an error that this vendor is under workflow.
  2. An approval request is sent to user group code W1 (group from my previous blog post – Marin and Renato)
  3. Additional approval request will be sent and notification will be created
  4. Notification for Renato will be sent.

Now when we create a new vendor in Business Central and send approval request workflow will be activated.


Based on my setup from my previous blog post when I send this vendor V0060 for approval, approval will be sent to users RENATO and MARIN.

When RENATO approved vendor, he will change status from Open -> Approved, and approval entry for MARIN will be changed from status Created to status Open.

At that moment Marin will receive e-mail with the request for approval.

Until Marin approve this vendor it can’t be used in Business Central.




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