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in my last blog post, I described how to connect Microsoft Flow & Dynamics 365 Business Central. In this blog post, I will demonstrate how to use one of the flow templates which is available for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

First what I will do is log in to Microsoft Flow with my Dynamics 365 Business Central account. After that, I will navigate to My flows and click on Create from the template.

A new window will open and in search, I will type Business Central and press Enter. After a few seconds, all my available flow templates for Dynamics 365  Business Central will be visible. I will choose a template called “Request approval for Dynamics 365 Buinsess Central customer”.

A new window will open where I need to sign in my self if needed and then click on continue.

After a few seconds, my flow for customer approval will be ready.

On the first, I have one trigger – When a customer approval is requested. Here I need to specify Company name and condition on which trigger will occur.

Now we will go to actions. The first action is to get our data with “Get Item” action. Here I also need to specify which company I will use in my flow.

After I get my customers we can start an approval. In “Start an approval” action I will define to whom I am sending approval request and details about approval such as customer number, name.

Now I need a condition which will define what will happen when the response for the customer record is approved and what will happen when the response for the customer record is declined.

So if the user who receives e-mail for approval clicks on Yes, we will execute the action and move to the next condition where I will specify if the requester is not the same as approver that I will send an e-mail that customer is approved. So I will notify the person who sends an approval request that approver approved the customer.

Now if I return to my first condition and go to No branch (what will happen if approver rejects an approval) you will see that there are the same actions as in Yes, but with the difference in an e-mail which is sent to approval requester.

By clicking on Save we can save the flow and go to Business Central. There I will create a new customer and send it for approval. I will use another account for that to go through all steps of approval flow.

After a few moments approver will receive the e-mail and it can approve or reject an approval request. I will Approve request.

Notification to a person who requested approval will be sent an e-mail and the record will be approved.

This is an example of how out of the box template can work for approving customers. Usually when I work with flow what I first like to do is when sending approval request put this record (in this case customer) on blocked and when customer is approved remove that restriction. To do that I suggest to modify this standard flow template with 2 new actions.

First one is after we get the record I will use Update Item action.


After user approve the customer record it will set Blocked field to ” which means that customer is no more blocked.


I hope you will find usefull this blog post and that you can see a huge amount of possibilites which Customer approval flow brings.




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