Where are my web services from Business Central in Flow?


after we made the connection between Flow and Business Central On-Prem last time, now it is time to see what is available on that connection.

First thing is that there are no available triggers for Business Central On-Prem only Actions.

To test Business Central On-Prem actions first I created one trigger for Microsoft Forms. Flow will send information about persons to Business Central On-Prem.

First I used Microsoft Forms trigger which will start when a response in Microsoft Forms is submitted.

Then it will get response details and then I will click Create Item.

Here I need to choose Company name and from the list of Table name and I need to find API which I need to use for inserting contacts.

As you can see there is no available connector for contacts. And this is a new way of connecting Flow and Business Central On-Prem. In this version, I need to create API page to be visible in the Table name.

To successfully save this page I need to provide ID, Name, and EntityName as well as EntitySetName.

After I saved this page, it will be visible in Table name in Flow.

I will choose contactAPIEntity and fill the fields with values from Microsoft Form.

I will save Flow and enter one test entry in Microsoft Forms. After a few moments Flow will do its job.

If you try creating same API page in VS Code (via extensions) you will not see that pages in Table name in Flow – regarding that PG from Microsoft mention that this is a current limitation of the program and that they are aware of that. To have this functionality available I created an idea on MS Flow where you can vote for that to maybe be included in next versions – https://powerusers.microsoft.com/t5/Flow-Ideas/Business-Central-On-Premises-connector-for-Odata/idi-p/177116

Other available actions in Flow for Business Central On-Prem are

  • Create item – based on a trigger, Flow will create a record in Business Central On-Prem.
  • Get item – based on a trigger, Flow will get information about the record in Business Central On-Prem.
  • Delete item – based on a trigger, Flow will delete a record in Business Central On-Prem.
  • Get item types – Flow will get all available APIs.
  • Update item – based on a trigger, Flow will update a record in Business Central On-Prem.

That is all for this blog post and I hope that soon we will have the opportunity to see API Pages created in VS Code in Flow.


Renato 🙂


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