Business Central 2019 wave 2 – part 2


after we did setup in previous blog post, now it is time to take a look at the new Dynamics 365 Business Central.

First what you will notice is so called Hamburger menu.

This button will allow you to explore all business features for activated role center. So for example on previous picture is activated Sales Order Processor role center and the features which are enabled looks like on the following picture.

As you can see this are features which one sales order processor will usually use in everyday life. For example when you switch your role center to Accountant you will have another features listed. Shortcut for enabling business features is Shift + F12.

When you click on Explore all you will get more features from the Dynamics 365 Business Central like Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing, like old Departments menu in Dynamics NAV.

Another way to access business features is that you navigate to the Tell me (shortcut: Alt + Q) and then when the in the Tell me screen you can click on exploring link.

To access business features you can also navigate to the Hamburger menu from any list, or when you are on the card page or document page easily by pressing keyboard shortcut.

Another great feature which is available from this version is that now you can expand or shrink columns in the list right from the list. All you need to do is position mouse between two columns and drag column header.

That’s all for this blog post.

Later today I will write more about Business Central features.


Renato 🙂


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