Business Central 2019 wave 2 – part 3

In this blog post I will continue with exploring new features in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Another great feature is related to easily moving field on pages in Dynamics 365 Business Central. You can do that while you are in Personalization mode in Dynamics 365 Business Central just by dragging and drop fields where you want on that page.

Another great feature is that now you can Bookmark often used pages to your role center. You can do this from the Tell Me feature

And then for example Items will be shown on my Role Center

Another way is that when you are on the list page you find Bookmark icon in the upper right corner and the same result will happen.

On the same way you can un-bookmark pages from your role center.

When you are on the page in Dynamics 365 Business Central you can open that page in the new window as a pop-up by clicking on pop-up icon in the upper right corner.

and then the page will open in a new browser window.

Another great feature which is returning back from Dynamics NAV to the Dynamics 365 Business Central is that now you can specify Company Badge on the Company Information -> Company badge fast tab.

In the Company Badge field you can select that you want to show custom text.

In the Company Badge Text you can specify custom text up to 4 characters.

In the Company Badge Style you can define which background color do you want to use.

When you confirm and specify your Company Badge you will see it at the top right corner of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

That’s all for this blog post.


Renato 🙂


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