Enable CDS integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 Wave 1

Hi all,

now when Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 Wave 1 is available for preview I was so excited to try common data service integration so in this blog post I will write how you can enable CDS integration and send your first customer from Dynamics 365 Business Central to the Common Data service.

So first what I looked for was Assisted Setup and found Set up the Common Data Service connection

On the new window I get welcome screen and click on Next 

The Dynamics 365 Business Central will ask you if you want to allow connection with external service Common Data service. You can select if you want to allow always or once. In my demo I used Allow Once

then in next window you need to Sign in with Administrator Credentials. After you Sign in you will get your URL for Common Data Service.

To check which User roles I have in my CDS for my admin account I navigated to my settings inside CDS and assign System Customizer role to my Admin user.

Next you need an User for data integration and this should not be a user who is part of System Admin user roles, so I created one new user BCDS for this purpose and gave him Business Central CDS Integration role


Next if you get an error like on picture bellow it means that your currency code in CDS is not the same to the Local Currency Code in General Ledger Setup inside Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Once the setup is done you will get new screen where you can start sync.

After that I went to Customer list inside Dynamics 365 Business Central and created new customer

Click on Navigate and you will find Common Data Service action group and inside it you can sync your customer to account table. When you click on Account you will see your contact inside CDS.

This is just a sneak peek into the functionality, and in next several days I will try to play more with integration and write my observations 🙂



Renato 🙂


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