Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 Wave 1 – Attach as PDF and auto insert recurring lines


another great feature which comes with Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 Wave 1 is called Attach as PDF.

Function Attach as PDF is available on documents such as Posted Sales Invoices, Sales Quotes, Sales Invoices, various Purchase documents, …

If you select Attach as PDF Dynamics 365 Business Central will store printed document as attachment on the document.

From there you can access to the printed document as any other attachment on the document.

Unfortunately, I can not find this feature on service document so I hope this will soon be available also for service documents.

Another great new feature is Auto-insert recurring sales and purchase lines where you can specify to automatically insert recurring lines on sales or purchase documents.

In the Dynamics 365 Business Central you can specify one or more Recurring Sales Lines with same or different items, resources, g/l accounts, etc.

Then one or more recurring sales lines you need to assign to your customer.

On the Recurring Sales Lines window for your customer you can assign recurring sales line code, date period when this recurring sales line is valid, what is preferred payment method, payment terms, and most important how do you want to insert recurring sales lines.

If you select Automatic, Dynamics 365 Business Central will show you information that there is existing recurring sales line and ask if you want to insert them automatically on sales document lines

If you choose Always Ask, Dynamics 365 Business Central will open Recurring Sales Lines window for user to choose which recurring sales line wants to insert on document.

And last, if user select Manual, Dynamics 365 Business Central then there will not be notification for user and it needs to use standard functionality.

In any of these cases setup for payment terms code, payment method from Recurring Sales Line will not override values in fields on Sales Document Header.

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